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Quality is assured by our dedication to fine craftsmanship, superior materials & high quality products.

​HillGrove Homes believes that superior homes are built by people of integrity whose simple and timeless adherence to ethical standardsis the only way to manage the building process and build lasting relationships.Our objective is to handle projects in a manner that embodies the highest standards of ethical conduct and makes a positive contribution to the quality of life in the local community.Satisfaction for our clients is a top priority at HillGrove Homes.

About Us

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Experience distinguishes HillGrove Homes as one of Atlanta’s premier and prestigious custom home builders.For over thirty years, Jimmy and Chris Hill have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in every facet of residential construction; HillGrove Homes handles the issuance of all necessary permits and makes sure that all federal, state and local codes and requirements are met.Our team of experienced professionals oversees and collaborates with you on every detail involved in creating your dream home.


Jimmy and Chris Hill are deeply committed to making sure all desired architectural details, individual selections, and personal amenities meet or exceed our client’s expectations. We strive to make every project a labor of love for our customers. Building a custom home is an expression of an owner’s vision, organized into tasks, and brought to life in the hands of a craftsman. . For over three decades we been building custom homesbased on a tradition of expert craftsmanship and design excellence. At HillGrove Homes, we build each home as if it were ours, ensuring that it is built with the highest quality standards possible and with your utmost satisfaction as our aim.

About Us


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